pastor. author. farmer. grandfather.

What three-word phrases can you think of that could produce this kind of result?

For many, the short list would include being told they have "won the lottery." The three words addressed in this book are an invitation to something far surpassing acquiring the stuff of this world. Response to these words will change who you are, how you live, and your understanding of the meaning of life.

Three simple words sum up Jesus's invitation to each and every person: "Come, follow me." Jesus does not call us to merely believe in Him, but rather He asks us to actively follow Him - to chase, pursue, trust, obey, abide in, and love Him.

Convicted that too many who call themselves believers fail to understand what it should mean to live as a true follower of Jesus, Ed Malone offers guidance and encouragement for knowing Jesus and experiencing fullness of life in a personal, present, spiritual relationship with Him. As a result, you will be transformed by your love for God and His love and grace for you.